Polytron Awarded 2024 System Integrator of the Year

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“Being recognized and receiving this award is significant. It is tangible representation that our core values of character, service, excellence, passion, creativity, trust and teamwork are being lived out in day-to-day work recognized by our clients, suppliers and the industry. It reflects our mission statement: Putting innovation to work and making a positive impact on the quality of life.” said Ron Rich, CEO, Polytron, winner in the medium system integrator category of $5 to $30 million in SI related revenue annually.

Polytron shares some thoughts on trends seen in current and future manufacturing.

In recent years, “We’ve grown the number of manufacturing clients that we’re helping develop and implement their long term, sustainable Smart Manufacturing strategy and journey,” said Richard Phillips, director of smart manufacturing, Polytron.

Too many manufacturers struggle with how they should start this journey, not to mention lack of awareness of best practices, technologies to use and architecture, Phillips said. “Many have experienced the ‘pilot purgatory’ phenomenon and hesitate to continue funding these initiatives though they realize success is needed to stay competitive.”

Rande Allen, VP of sales at Polytron, said project managers now aggressively assess and manage supply chain risks as part of project planning. This involves identifying potential vulnerabilities, establishing contingency plans, and diversifying supply chain sources to mitigate future disruptions.

Allen also noted that to mitigate supply chain challenges, clients are more receptive to digital solutions such as supply chain planning and execution software, predictive analytics and real-time visibility tools. The technologies optimize inventory, enhance demand forecasting and improve overall supply chain resilience.

“It is important for project managers to closely monitor supply chain issues, adapt their project plans accordingly and establish strong communication channels with suppliers and stakeholders to address any potential impacts on project delivery and success,” Allen said.

With “pervasive digitization” in recent years, these methodologies and philosophies have evolved, Allen said.

“For example, agile methodologies have gained significant popularity due to their ability to adapt to changing digital landscapes,” he said. “Agile principles have been embraced beyond software development, extending to various industries and projects, including ours.”

Further, digitization has facilitated more collaborative project management approaches. Teams now collaborate in real-time across different locations. Data availability leads to increased emphasis on data-driven decision-making.

Automation and AI technologies have transformed project management by automating repetitive tasks, improving efficiency and enabling predictive capabilities. Project managers can leverage these technologies to streamline processes and enhance project outcomes. The digitization of projects has led to increased pressure for rapid and continuous delivery, Allen concluded, but are also enabling project managers to adapt to the dynamic and fast-paced digital landscape.

Polytron is a member of the System Integrator Hall of Fame having been awarded in 2015, 2019, and now 2024.

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Picture of Ron Rich, P.E., PMP

Ron Rich, P.E., PMP

With 30+ years of experience at Polytron, Ron Rich was appointed CEO in 2017. He is focused on connecting with customers and industries, setting vision and strategy for the organization, and strengthening the company’s culture and leadership team. Ron holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, a MBA from Georgia State University, and a certificate in Change Leadership from Georgia State. Ron is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Georgia, and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).