Today's Connected Plant: A Unified Machine for Making Food

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System integrators (SIs) often work with AEs and have expertise not only with industrial automation systems but also BMS (Building Management System) and most other systems in a food plant. Polytron, a CSIA Certified Member, helps manufacturers develop and implement their digital transformation strategy and road map, which includes integrating data from all of the different manufacturing systems into one contextualized source of information, according to Richard Phillips, PE, PMP, director of smart manufacturing.

Modern MOMs more easily integrate with process control, BMS, and most all other systems within a manufacturing facility. Building temperature, humidity and other conditions can have an impact on productivity, product quality, shelf life, packaging materials and many other key facets of manufacturing, so having real-time insights into these conditions is key, adds Phillips.

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Picture of Richard Phillips, PE, PMP

Richard Phillips, PE, PMP

Richard W. Phillips leads Polytron's rapidly growing Smart Manufacturing Group that delivers technology-based solutions focused on providing manufacturing visibility, intelligence and integration to support data-driven business improvements. With over 25 years of experience, he has deployed innovative solutions to manufacturing clients across many different industries. A published author and speaker, Richard holds degrees in Electrical Engineering.